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Computerized Inventory
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To help you keep your business on the cutting edge,
CISS offers Inventory Pro, an Inventory and Management solution.

Easy & Flexible Inventory Solutions

Inventory Pro Online (IPOL) is a browser (cloud) based application.  IPOL has a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to hundreds of warehouses with hundreds of users. A fully featured Warehouse Management System that can be customized to meet your needs. With a range of advanced features clients can leverage to improve their company’s efficiency and productivity.


Inventory Pro can interface with accounting programs from various vendors. And custom interfaces can be created to work with your small and medium sized business.


Handhelds allow you to perform stock operations as you are moving and working in the warehouse or at remote sites.


Our Inventory Pro Mobile application is developed to work with web services integrated into the Inventory Pro databases

Primary Features

Our products are built to handle and integrate with all aspects of managing your inventory and managing your warehouse. (Click a Feature to learn more)


Inventory Control

Receiving, Issuing, Moving Stock, Cycle Counts, and Restocking

Purchasing, Shipping, Processing

Covers all aspects of fulfillment.