Inventory Pro OnLine (IPOL) is a browser (cloud) based application.  IPOL has a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to hundreds of warehouses with hundreds of users. IPOL is a fully-featured WMS that can be customized to meet your needs. IPOL has a range of advanced features clients can leverage to improve their company’s efficiency and productivity.

Primary Features include:

  • Inventory Control (Receiving, Issuing, and Moving of Stock)
  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations: VMI, B2B, 3PL, EDI
  • Purchase Orders, Shipping/Sales Orders, Consignment, Work Orders/BOMs, Assets, Leasing/Rental modules.
  • Barcoding & RFID builtin/standard [iOS, Android, PC, Mac]
  • SaaS/cloud hosted by CISS or purchased & hosted by you
  • Standard users, groups and group permissions security


Our Inventory Software is tailored for Small to Medium size businesses, however, it can also scale to power Enterprise clients as well. We have a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to five hundred warehouses with hundreds of users. Inventory Pro allows for basic warehouse management, along with a range of advanced features our clients can leverage to improve their company’s efficiency and productivity.

Primary Features include:

  • Inventory Control (Receiving, Issuing, and Moving of Stock)
  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations
  • Purchasing, Shipping, and Leasing
  • Barcoding and RFID Support

Inventory Pro Mobile

  • Smartphone and Tablet Integration
    This piece of software, JP*Mobile, is designed to be used with different sized screens on different operating systems. Any device running a current browser will work! JP*Mobile excels at mobility and is compatible with a range of scanner devices, builtin, tethered and Bluetooth.  Smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and Unix.
  • Lightweight
    To the right there is a full demo of the JP*Mobile system using a variety of test data, Feel free to play around and take it for a test drive. Please note you must be using an up to date web browser for full functionality. Or, try on your device using this link: IPOL.
  • Scanning and Usage
    JP*Mobile allows you to replace bulky aging industrial scanners with relatively cheap and accessible devices that can serve a variety of roles in your business. For example, ZebraSocketMobile, & Koamtac brand of scanners connects via Bluetooth and can attach via a sled or case.
  • Fully Featured
    Both Batch mode and Real-Time modes are supported. The Architecture allows for local caching of Part Definitions, Active Inventory, Warehouse Locations, Serials/Lots/RFID Codes and much more. And as such allows for automatic switching between Batch and Real-Time modes based on wifi/cellular network availability.


Barcoding is built into IPOL already. Implementing bar coding requires a plan specifically designed for your company and products. There are several things to consider when deciding how to utilize bar codes. CISS has been assisting companies implement bar code systems for two decades. Let us help you make your process flow more efficient! CISS will help you determine the best method of scanning and printing labels so you can reap the many benefits that bar coding offers. We will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages the various methods of bar coding and select the one that best fits with your operations and industry. We will provide the hardware, software, and labels. IPOL generates item(sku), receiving, shipping and location labels. Also prints shipping documents with barcodes. JP*Mobile requires Marshmallow or newer Android OS.

Barcode scanner, Inventory system


Inventory Pro has been web-enabled since 1997, 20+ years in the cloud! Inventory Pro Online can be configured for local network access only or to be accessible from anywhere over the internet. It can be installed on either a cloud server or your local Windows Server with Internet Information Services (IIS) and a SQL Server Instance. IPOL is built following industry-standard security methods and the database is encrypted.

Virtually unlimited items, assets, warehouses, purchasing orders, sales/shipping orders, and work orders.

Pricing based on concurrent users.

B2B + E-Commerce Interfaces

Woo Commerce, X Cart, Big Commerce

Internal Quick order screen allows customers to place orders online – directly. Also allows sales reps to place orders from their smartphones.

E-Commerce Interfaces:

  • Woo-Commerce
  • Big-Commerce
  • X-Cart
Quick Order, Inventory Pro

Accounting Systems

Inventory Pro has standard interfaces to QuickBooks and Sage-50(Peachtree) accounting systems. This interface is sold separately and completes a total Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. If you already have an accounting system, Inventory Pro can be customized to interface with it, contact us for more information.

Customization, Programming


Inventory Pro is built with various modules. We can customize these modules to suit your needs, for example, we can interface with accounting software, barcoding systems, mobile devices, and more!

Inventory Pro allows you to customize field names with a simple right click of your mouse. You can change our field names and software messages to match your industry terminology and even establish custom configurations. Each workstation can have its own unique configuration of Inventory Pro!


Your software is correctly priced for the small business owners. That is what you are doing right. Wayne Kaufman

CISS has been the most help of anyone I’ve ever worked with. Your company is a top-notch operation. Thanks. Eddie Dent

Apollo Press

We were pleasantly surprised to find we could perform the same tasks using our wireless workstation as we could on our wired stations.

ent Magazine

CISS is always there when we need them. In most cases a problem is usually somewhat of an urgent matter and CISS responds quickly with a solution. Frank R.