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CISS specializes in Inventory Solutions with a full suite of tools for Warehousing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales Tracking, and More.

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Inventory Pro is a web-based inventory system focused on Inventory Control and Warehouse Management. Scalable for both large and small deployments.

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Our software supports barcoding with a variety of standard 1D, 2D, and RFID formats. Scanning can be done with or without dedicated hardware.

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Our Mobile software is designed for fast and easy stock transactions out on the warehouse floor or in the field. Offering Signature Capture, Offline Mode, Deliveries, and More.

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Long Standing Development

We have been developing Inventory Software and Solutions since 1994. Currently, our platform offers Cloud-Based Desktop and Mobile Applications, On-Prem Systems, as well as various API’s and Integrations. Therefore creating a framework upon which our customers can efficiently run their businesses.

More than just Software

At CISS we provide a wide array of services for our clients. In addition to Inventory Solutions, we offer General IT Services, Application and Web Hosting, Custom Software, Consulting, and more.

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Easy & Flexible Inventory Solutions

CISS has a wide range of clients whose system’s range from a single warehouse with 3 users, to hundreds of warehouses and users. Importantly this flexibility allows our clients to scale their business with our fully featured warehouse management systems.

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“Customization is a big factor in our daily use of Inventory Pro and Inventory Pro Mobile.”

– Kim Bretting

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“We appreciate the stability of the CISS platform and their responsive timing to our needs.”

– Marshall Matthews

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“CISS does a great job. They are always there when we need them.”

– Frank Renaldi

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