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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Inventory Pro? See our documentation below or get in touch.

  1. How is Inventory Pro Licensed?
    • Inventory Pro is Licensed by Concurrent User, Which is the number of users that can be active at one time. We offer both cloud and self-hosted licensing models.
  2. What is the difference between Cloud and Self-Hosted options?
    • Cloud offerings are hosted by CISS via our cloud providers, These offerings are virtualized and distributed meaning that in general they are more robust and failure resistant than physical servers.
    • Self-Hosted offerings are hosted on your servers, whether they are local or cloud-based, and is a perpetual license for the software.
  3. How do backups of Inventory Pro work?
    • Cloud-provided backups are conducted regularly to multiple endpoints to ensure that we can recover in the event of a fault or outage.
    • Self-Hosted clients are responsible for their own backups and management of the application, although CISS can consult on the configuration of a backup plan.
  4. Do I need to install something?
    • Cloud Systems, No Inventory Pro is Web-Based so you just go to the Address provided by CISS in a Web Browser to access your system.
    • Self-Hosted systems will require installation on your servers and will have a local network address as configured by your IT.
    • Integrations or Printing services may require installation on your server or network.
  5. How is Inventory Pro Invoiced / Billed?
    • We offer annual or monthly billing cycles for our cloud solutions, Self-Hosted systems are billed annually for maintenance and other services.
  6. Do you have a report for XYZ?
    • Generally, Yes. We have over 200 reports in the base system and can create custom reports to fit your needs.
  7. Is there a Demo Available?
    • We have a public demo system available at, Additionally, we provide private demo systems upon request for a period of up to 90 days.
  8. How is a Warehouse Setup?
    • In Inventory Pro we offer multiple warehousing, warehouse zones, and warehouse locations in order to allow either fine or broad organization based on your needs. See our documentation at for more information.
  9. Can I set multiple Prices for an Item?
    • Yes, we support multiple price levels for purchasing and sales, additionally, we have a supplier catalog to track pricing from multiple vendors ( and import methods to keep that data accurate ).
  10. Can an Item have multiple Names / References?
    • Inventory Pro has an Item Alias system and a Supplier Catalog system which can be utilized to add additional references to a given Item.
  11. Is XYZ Device supported by Inventory Pro Mobile?
    • Almost any device still receiving updates will work with Inventory Pro Mobile. Generally, all devices released in the last 3 years will work without problems. Further back there may be exceptions and we advise our clients to review devices with their intended functionality before making large purchases.
  12. Is XYZ Web Browser Supported?
    • Chrome or Firefox are recommended, Although we do support Edge and any Webkit based browsers that are up to date.
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