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Inventory Control

Inventory Pro Inventory Dashboard
Warehouse shelving

Fully Featured to handle and integrate with all aspects of managing your inventory and managing your warehouse.

  • Quickly browse, search, filter, and find inventory
  • A hierarchical system of warehouses and locations within them
  • Positive/Negative/Move stock adjustments
  • Stock status (hold, repair, etc), expiration dates, remarks
  • Product information and classification (models, revisions, shades, etc.)
  • Cycle counting of stock
  • Serial/Lot numbers and tracking, as well as RFID compatibility
  • Automatic serial number assignment. Can require serial numbers and or unique serial numbers
  • Product costs, pricing, price levels, product images
  • Set automatic reorder levels, minimum, maximum, reorder quantities
  • Automatic monthly demand calculation in units, days, or months
  • Bill of materials, kits, assemblies
  • Transaction log of inventory adjustments and movements over time