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Work Orders / Manufacturing

Inventory Pro Work Order Lines

Detailed orders for the creation of kits, assemblies, or assets. Maintenance and Service work flows. Labor Tracking, Equipment Tracking, and more.

  • Schedule and track internal requests for work including preventative, emergency, and/or scheduled maintenance
  • Plan work against available human (labor/time) and inventory resources
  • Associate each work order with an available asset
  • Automatically adjust the total number of inventory items when inventory items are specified in the work order for consumption
  • Generate detailed reports including a listing of the current status of all outstanding work orders
  • Prioritize work orders
  • Ensure that you don’t void warranties
  • Automatically removes parts from inventory as work orders are completed
  • Can increment inventory for created kits/assemblies (compatible with automatic serial number assignment)
  • Commits in-stock components when order is entered
  • Track all phases (requested, open, scheduled, started, completed, and canceled)
  • Tracking of Equipment (Asset) usage and time
  • Tracking of Labor Time per Employee
  • Can require approval for orders to be authorized.