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Detailed Reporting System

Inventory Pro Reporting

A comprehensive set of reports allows you to query almost every aspect of the system.

Data is organized in a hierarchical tree format, which allows you to quickly browse an entire family of information. All reports allow you to customize the selection of parameters to generate a report specific to your needs. You can have reports print at a printer that you designate or to a screen. We can also build specialized reports to suit your specific needs. If you need additional reports that are not available in our standard package, no problem. We can customize them for you.

  • The Reporting System contains a comprehensive set of reports that allows you to query almost every aspect of the system
  • Reports can be created, copied, and customized by either CISS or your IT if they have the relevant skills
  • Search, Filter, or Sort by any column on every report
  • Each report can be printed directly to a printer or to a pdf file
  • Reports can be exported directly to excel for additional processing, filtering, or import into other systems
  • Additionally, our system is compatible with tools like Crystal Reports or generate your own ad-hoc reports against the database