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Multiple Locations, Warehouses

Inventory Pro Warehouse Locations

Utilize a hierarchal structure of Warehouses, Zones, and Locations to organize your inventory.

Warehouses can be used in a variety of ways in Inventory Pro. They can be utilized as physical locations such as a building or other facilities. Warehouses can also track individual service trucks to manage tools and supplies. Some clients will also use it to segment areas of their facilities that should not intermix.

Inventory Pro Standard allows you to have as many virtual warehouses in one system as you need. The multiple warehouse features can keep multiple inventories separate within a single physical building. We have some systems with over 1000 “warehouses” in use.

Once you have added the warehouse name to your system, your next step is to add the locations within the warehouse. These are your storerooms, shelves, bins, containers, and bays. Location tracking is what sets most inventory systems apart from the basic tracking in Accounting platforms.

Inventory Pro also supports a Zone Feature which is an optional grouping between Warehouses and Locations to allow for further categorization or help with mapping out your warehouse floor logically to optimize pick paths.