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Delivery / Mailroom System

Inventory Pro Package Tracking

Mailroom System for package tracking inside and outside of inventory. Support for signatures, images, internal routing/delivery, and more.

Mailroom System

Our mailroom system allows you to track inbound and outbound packages, standalone or associated back to a Purchase Order, Shipping Order, etc. Packages can be routed through receipt, to transit, and to delivery. Each step can be configured to capture images, signatures, or other key metrics.

Our clients utilize this system to handle small package delivery within large organizations. Use cases include direct client deliveries, and tracking mail delivery within school districts and similar broad entities.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is the means by which Inventory Pro helps keep track of your orders. We can integrate with any online tracking application and have several popular options prebuilt into the system (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc). Our included tracking systems also allow you to capture package data internally and provide additional notifications and delivery information to your clients.