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Bar Coding/RFID & Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) In Inventory Pro

“In-line” capability = real-time savings
with Inventory Pro’s bar code capabilities!


Bar coding is supported in Inventory Pro right “out of the box.” You simply connect an “off-the-shelf” generic bar code scanner to your existing PC. The scanner functions “in-line” with the keyboard and no customization is necessary to read bar codes! Simply position the cursor on the field you intend to scan, and scan. The data automatically appears in the field. If the field is a look-up list field, the data will be verified against the database tables for accuracy. If you are scanning a location or part number, the appropriate data will be returned to the screen, such as:

  • All parts (items) in the location
  • All attributes of the part (item) or asset

CISS can provide customized receiving and shipping screens that optimize the bar code scanners use, requiring minimal keyboard interaction and speeding up processes and accuracy significantly.

Smartphones, tablets (iPad, Galaxy, Windows), Bluetooth scanners, Industrial scanners all supported

Inventory Pro can print any bar code document you need:

  • Shelf/Rack labels of locations
  • Inbound receiving labels
  • Outbound shipping labels
  • Bar coded shipping documents
  • Asset tags
  • QR and 2D formats
  • Serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates
  • Barcoded reports: Pick / Packing lists, invoices, POs, shipping orders, shipment tracking numbers
  • Inventory Catalog report showing all your items in your inventory with pictures and descriptions Can be used for visual verification that the item the technician is working on matches.

Go wireless and have your system at your fingertips wherever you are!

When you use Inventory Pro in a wireless configuration, you get full use of the system in real time. Your laptop/handheld PC is fully online while away from your desk! Just think of the time and energy that can be saved if you can access and enter data in the system when you are at an actual inventory location in your warehouse.

Inventory Pro works great with laptop or handheld PCs with wireless RF Ethernet PCMCIA (or integrated) network adapters (NICs). The laptop/handheld PC can be used as a portable handheld unit or mounted to a rolling cart, a fork truck, or clamp trucks.

Minimal hardware requirements for wireless applications:*

  • Any standard handheld PC, laptop, or desktop running Inventory Pro on a LAN can be used to run Inventory Pro in a wireless environment.
  • Wireless Ethernet components, access point bridges, and PC-NIC’s.

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