Barcode Printing Documentation

Download the PDF.

First you must select the label you want to print for Receiving (inbound) or Shipping (outbound)

Inventory Pro for Windows:

Go to the SYSTEM menu



then pick an inbound and shipping label that has a barcode on it like:

Label 3 1/2″x1 7/16″ (BarCoded Item and Serial)

Note that some labels barcode the item and/or serial number (some labels have no barcodes!)

Printing barcodes at receiving time:

-After all the receiving screen fields are populated with:

number of units
serial numbers,

….click the “Labels” button at the bottom of the screen.

Printing barcodes after the items have been received:

-From the main menu select INVENTORY

Then select LOCATE and MOVE.

If you want to select from all you inventory then click the VIEW button.
Otherwise – enter your filter information and then select VIEW

-If you want to print labels for multiple rows, check off the “Mark” box for any rows you wish to print labels for.

-If you only wish to print labels for a single row, just click on that row.

…Click the Labels button at the bottom of the screen.

You will then have a screen that shows the items you are going to print labels for – and from this screen you can select the numbers of labels you want printed – and also how many
copies of the labels you want to make.

The VIEW button lets you print preview before you actually print

The PRINT button will send the labels to the printer.


Inventory Pro Online:

Upon the completion of any Direct Receive within Inventory Pro Online you are brought to a screen similar to figure 1 shown below.

Clicking the labels button will export a label displaying the information that was on each line of the receive grid. Each page is a single label, and can be printed individually or altogether.

Figure 1

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