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Purchase Orders Cheat Sheet

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Purchase Orders are how IPOL allows you to fill your inventory by ordering items from suppliers. They can only be made on IPOL desktop, although they can be completed on mobile as well as desktop. Purchase orders can be made automatically through the restocking feature, which is a topic for a different document. To create a purchase order manually,

  1. Go to Orders→ Create Purchase Order or Orders→ Purchase Order.
  2. If you did the latter, click on the Create Order button. You can also click on an existing purchase order on this page to edit it.
  3. You will see a page like the one below: 
  4. Select the supplier and where you are shipping to and sending the invoice to, then click Save. You can also fill out the optional fields on this page.
  5. Once you have clicked save, the option for the Line Items page will appear. Click on it.
  6. Here you can set what items you want as part of the order using the Item ID field and how many of them you want to order using the PO Units field. You can also fill in other information about the items being ordered. Click on the Add Line field to add a new line item.
  7. Click Save.

At this point the order is saved and ready to be received. The receipt process is different on mobile and on desktop. To receive an order in the desktop version of IPOL:

  1. If the PO Approval feature is turned on, click on the Approve button. If you are not a designated approver, wait until a user who is allowed to approve purchase orders logs in and approves the order before continuing.
  2. Click on Receive to go to the Receive screen where you can receive the items into your inventory.
  3. Return to the purchase order and click on Complete to complete the order.

To receive an order on mobile:

  1. Make sure that the order has been approved.
  2. Log in to Inventory Pro Mobile and then select the warehouse in which the order is to be received.
  3. Click on Orders and then on View Purchase Orders.
  4. Click on the order to be received.
  5. Check the items to be received, then click on the Complete Order button.

Click on the Receive button to complete

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