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Inventory Pro – Mobile

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The Inventory Pro Mobile Application allows for working with and managing your inventory on the warehouse floor or out at the job site. It is a web application designed with various caching and offline procedures built-in allowing you to work both with and without an internet connection. Once back in range, Any transactions will then begin to post when the server is next contacted.

Available Functionality and Features:

  • Search Inventory and Build Transactions
  • Issue/Move/Receive Inventory
  • View and Search through Orders
  • Issue and Receive against Orders
  • Cycle Counts of your Inventory
  • Item Certifications/Inspections
  • Audit Trail (History of Transactions)
  • Multiple Warehouses and Locations
  • Support for Images on Inventory/Orders *
  • Highly Customizable Framework
  • Wide Variety of User and Group Permissions
  • Various Caching and Offline Functionality

The Application has a wide variety of features outside of the above, please look below for a more in-depth overview.

* – This feature is currently under re-development and is being expanded to incorporate Orders


  • Caching – Speed and Useability
    Caching is one of the best features of the application, It allows us to store common data for Parts, Customers, Suppliers, and more. This means the end-user does not need to remember the part numbers for example. They can simply type in a few letters or numbers and filter their list of options to select from accordingly.
  • Beacons – Offline Mode
    These function to determine whether the server is available, This allows us to cache transactions which were not able to post. Then when the server is available again it will automatically begin to post those transactions.
  • Cache Compression – Increased Cache Size
    This is a new feature we’ve added for 2015, This allows for much a much larger cache. For example, you can now easily store up to 20000 or more parts in the device cache. Previously we had been limited to approximately 5000 parts.
  • Multiple Warehouses
    This feature is very useful for keeping track of where your inventory is at, Even when you don’t have multiple physical warehouses. For example, some clients use it to treat a delivery or service truck as a warehouse. This allows you to keep track of consumables and tools. You also have the ability to lock users or parts to a single warehouse or a set of warehouses as well.
  • Support for Images on Inventory/Orders *

The most basic use of the interface is the Live Mode, Where once every minute ( this option is configurable ) the interface will query the database and run the appropriate transactions on Sage 50. This mode is enabled by the use of the Start Button, It can be paused any time that a transaction is not in process by using the Stop Button.

Other uses include the repost Order Fields, These are used to manually repost something to Sage 50 in the event that the order required some sort of auditing. The update procedure will generally handle this, however in the event that transactions have been posted to the journal you may need to delete them and repost in order to correct the issues. If you run into any problems feel free to contact us for more in-depth resolutions and explanations.

If you find that you need to repost a large number of Orders, Or if you are initially setting up a company with Inventory Pro, You will want to use the Export Options available from the menu at the top of the application. These allow you to fully import all applicable database objects from Inventory Pro to Sage 50.


To edit the Settings use the Settings Dialog available from the top menu. Here you can attach the program to the appropriate server, Set your default accounts manually, Configure the timer, and more. If you require any help, please let us know.


  • The application automatically detects which accounts to use as long as there are no duplicates, In that situation where there is ambiguity you will need to specify the default accounts in the Interface Settings.
  • There are a variety of built-in checks to avoid posting incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete data to Sage 50, This reduces the changes of having a situation arise where manual auditing is required. These instances are logged so you can resolve them prior to posting to Sage 50.
  • We use threading in the application, This will take advantage of multi-core computers and this combined with our use of bulk transactions allows the application to post to peachtree as efficiently as possible.
  • We can set up the application to send email alerts for different log levels, This can be to only send critical errors to certain accounts for troubleshooting. And can be setup to send to other accounts for warnings about incorrect or incomplete data, such as purchase orders missing line items, etc.

System Requirements:

  • Windows PC or Virtual Server with .Net 4.0 or greater – This machine would act as a server and should not have any daily users so the interface can run without interruption.
  • Multiware Toolkit – This application is used for connections and operations with Sage 50
  • Sage 50 Software
  • Access to the Inventory Pro database over secure channels ( Such as a VPN or Local Network ), We can also setup Encrypted SQL connections over the internet but they are less secure and not guaranteed in security or reliability.

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