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Barcoding Systems

Inventory Pro is integrated with a variety of devices.

Our systems are designed not only to be run in the office and on computers, but rather accross the warehouse.

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Print Barcode Labels with Inventory Pro


Implementing bar coding requires a plan specifically designed for your company and products. There are several things to consider when deciding how to utilize bar codes. CISS has been assisting companies implement bar code systems for two decades. Let us help you make your process flow more efficient!

CISS will help you determine the best method of scanning and printing labels so you can reap the many benefits that bar coding offers. We will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages the various methods of bar coding and select the one that best fits with your operations and industry. We will provide the hardware, software, and labels.

Devices that Support Inventory Pro



Galaxy note

iPod Touch


Galaxy Tab

Bluetooth Scanners

Socket 8 Mobile

KDC 450

Socket 7CI

Keyboard Wedge Scanners

Symbol LS2200

Symbol P370

PSC QS6000

Mobile Android Computers

Honeywell CN51

Honeywell Dolphin CT50

Zebra MC3300

Cipher Lab RS30

Motorola MC3200

RFID Terminals

MC9190-Z RFID Reader

Zebra RFD 8500

KDC 450

Bar-Code Printers and Tags

O’Neil Portable Printer

Zebra LP/TPL 2844Z

Asset Tags

Zebra LP/TPL 2824

Zebra Stripe Series