IPOL Architecture

Below you can see how our system is implemented to allow for full inventory control and management.

Presales Support

Call – (610-266-7200)
Email – ipsales@cissltd.com

Support for Clients and Registered Users:

Email – support@cissltd.com

IPOL System Diagram

Microsoft Windows Server (2008 r2, 2012) based platform for small business

  • IIS v6, all Microsoft Patches/Updates supported

Database (can be on the same or different server(s) as the IIS instance)

  • SQL Server 2008 or 2012; Express, Standard or Enterprise
  • Supports mirroring

Uses Active Reports (run-time supplied if hosted locally)

  • Prints barcodes
  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Application written is ASP, ASP.NET and VB

  • Compiled code
  • DLLs are registered via run command line using regsvr32.exe

Certain DLLs need to be added to Component Services

    • Infolite.dll – needed to allow the reading of our compiled dll files

vArx.dll – Active Reports

  • Arx2.dll – Active Reports2.dll
  • Ipol2101.dll – main COM+ application
  • Uploadfile.dll – allows upload and download of files from the IPOL interface

Some folders need write permissions

  • Ipol/framework/import
  • Ipol/framework/export
  • Ipol/framework/user

Standard SMTP for email

Standard windows printer drivers

No client side installations – all server side

XML single sign-on can also be integrated into the application

PayPal e-commerce is also a supported option, Big commerce

Supports keyboard wedge, bluetooth, wireless RF barcode scanners (IP*Mobile)


Real time or Batch actions using Handheld or Mobile devices

  • Windows Mobile 2006+ devices
    (Symbol PPT8800, MC9000, Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro, etc)
  • .NET Framework 4.0

Custom Interfaces:

    • Ftp proprietary file formats
    • CSV (Excel Spreadsheets)
    • ODBC / Direct database connections
    • Email
    • EDI

User Interface based upon standard WWW browsers:

      • IE v6/7
      • Firefox
      • Netscape
      • * Must have cookies enabled

Firewall ports:

      • http = port 80
      • SQL = port 1443
      • The system can be run over HTTPS if desired (need to buy certificates)

Process for Install on Server with no SQL Server using an empty Inventory Master DB:

      • Install SQL server
      • Install db manager software
      • Attach Master DB to SQL Server
      • Copy files to IPOL folder
      • Give write permissions on specific import/export folders
      • Register dlls
      • Add specific dlls to component services
      • Create IIS website
      • Register dll files

Installation & Training

We provide full setup and training services.