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IPOL System Architecture

Below you can see how our system is implemented to allow for full inventory control and management.

Cloud Architecture

Local Architecture

Microsoft Windows Server (2008 r2, 2012) based platform for small business

  • IIS v6, all Microsoft Patches/Updates supported

Database (can be on the same or different server(s) as the IIS instance)

  • SQL Server 2008 or 2012; Express, Standard or Enterprise
  • Supports mirroring

Uses Active Reports (run-time supplied if hosted locally)

  • Prints barcodes
  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Application written is ASP, ASP.NET and VB

  • Compiled code
  • DLLs are registered via run command line using regsvr32.exe

Certain DLLs need to be added to Component Services

  • Infolite.dll – needed to allow the reading of our compiled dll files

vArx.dll – Active Reports

  • Arx2.dll – Active Reports2.dll
  • Ipol2101.dll – main COM+ application
  • Uploadfile.dll – allows upload and download of files from the IPOL interface

Some folders need write permissions

  • Ipol/framework/import
  • Ipol/framework/export
  • Ipol/framework/user

Standard SMTP for email

Standard windows printer drivers

No client side installations – all server side

XML single sign-on can also be integrated into the application

PayPal e-commerce is also a supported option, Big commerce

Supports keyboard wedge, bluetooth, wireless RF barcode scanners (IP*Mobile)

Real time or Batch actions using Handheld or Mobile devices

  • Windows Mobile 2006+ devices
    (Symbol PPT8800, MC9000, Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro, etc)
  • .NET Framework 4.0

Custom Interfaces:

  • Ftp proprietary file formats
  • CSV (Excel Spreadsheets)
  • ODBC / Direct database connections
  • Email
  • EDI

User Interface based upon standard WWW browsers:

  • IE v6/7
  • Firefox
  • Netscape
    * Must have cookies enabled

Firewall ports:

  • http = port 80
  • SQL = port 1443
  • The system can be run over HTTPS if desired (need to buy certificates)

Process for Install on Server with no SQL Server using an empty Inventory Master DB:

  • Install SQL server
  • Install db manager software
  • Attach Master DB to SQL Server
  • Copy files to IPOL folder
  • Give write permissions on specific import/export folders
  • Register dlls
  • Add specific dlls to component services
  • Create IIS website
  • Register dll files

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