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Inventory Pro Features

We offer a wide variety of features and modules to suit almost any industry, B2B, B2C, 3PL, Services, and More.

Typical warehouse using Inventory Pro
  • Inventory Pro Alerts

    Alerts & Notifications

    Inventory Pro allows for customized alerts and notifications that can be set up throughout the system.

  • Inventory Pro Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Tracking of Assets, both tangible and intangible, depreciation, asset linking, customizable attributes, inspections, and more

  • Barcoding

    We support both 1D and 2D barcoding formats, as well as RFID systems on both our desktop and mobile solutions.

  • toy shopping cart

    Customer Access

    Allow your customers or vendors access to limited parts of the Inventory Pro system to review orders, history, and more. With fine-grain access controls.

  • Inventory Pro Screen Set Customization


    Inventory Pro is an instance-based solution allowing us great flexibility in customization for each client’s needs.

  • Inventory Pro Cycle Count

    Cycle Counts

    Maintain accurate real-time inventory levels, with a variety of sampling methods.

  • Shipping Order Dashboard


    Charts, graphs, lists, and various data points from around the system at your fingertips for Inventory and Orders.

  • Inventory Pro Package Tracking

    Delivery / Mailroom System

    Package Tracking inside and outside of inventory, with support for signatures, images, internal routing/delivery and more.

  • Inventory Pro Reporting

    Detailed Reporting System

    A comprehensive set of reports allows you to query almost every aspect of the system.

  • Inventory Pro View Image

    File Sharing / Attach Files

    We allow for multiple documents and images to be attached to almost any object in the system.

  • Inventory Pro Imports/Exports

    Import & Export Framework

    Various Built-In systems for data manipulation via Excel, CSV and Flat Files.

  • Inventory Pro Inventory Dashboard

    Inventory Control

    Receiving, Issuing, and Moving Stock.

  • Inventory Pro Jobs

    Jobs System

    Group Orders, Inventory, and various transactions to track Jobs, Jobsites and more.

  • Inventory Pro Bill Of Materials

    Kitting / BOM / Assemblies

    Design BOM’s for use in manufacturing and ordering. Support for Multi-Level BOM’s.

  • Inventory Pro Barcode Configuration

    Label Printing

    Both in-app and automatic, 25+ default designs, 1D and 2D barcode support.

  • Inventory Pro Landed Cost Report

    Landed Costs

    Review the cost of processing, shipping, storing, and handling your inventory.

  • Inventory Pro Approvals

    Multi-Step / Approvals Module

    In business, we always like to enforce specific processes to avoid mistakes. Inventory pro allows for process chains or approval steps to keep your orders and inventory accurate.

  • Inventory Pro Warehouse Locations

    Multiple Locations, Warehouses

    Hierarchical System of Warehouses and Locations within them.

  • Inventory Pro Blue Background

    Multiple Order Processing

    Pick, Pack, or Putaway multiple orders at once to boost productivity.

  • Inventory Pro Order Packing

    Order Picking and Packing

    Guided processing of orders based on FEFO and FIFO, support for pathing. Just scan the next item and go!

  • Inventory Pro Production Report

    Production Forecasting

    Forecast based on current inventory, review shortfalls, carry through to re-ordering and min/max levels.

  • Inventory Pro Shipping Orders

    Purchasing, Processing, Shipping

    Covering all aspects of fulfillment, Whether for a 3PL processing ASN’s or Manufacturing for E-commerce.

  • Inventory Pro Stow List

    Putaway / Stow List

    Guided processing of inbound stock based on current inventory locations and defaults.

  • Inventory Pro Quick Orders

    Quick Order

    Quick order for quick processing.

  • Inventory Pro Reporting

    Real Time Inventory

    All stock levels in Inventory Pro are real-time by default, meaning you’re always up to date.

  • Shipping Order Dashboard

    Restocking / Monthly Demand

    Tools to Track Min/Max, Lead Time, Demand, Generate Orders, and even Suggest Min/Max changes to keep inventory flowing and maintain service levels.

  • Inventory Pro Inventory Rollback Report

    Revisions, Logging, Statistics

    Out-of-the-box change tracking, transaction logging, rollback/roll-up reports, and an array of statistics.

  • Inventory Pro Group Permissions

    Security & Permissions

    Inventory Pro allows you to share information with customers, employees, and vendors while limiting access and protecting the integrity of the data.

  • Inventory Pro Signatures

    Signature Capture

    In our mobile app capture and track signatures for key transactions.

  • Inventory Pro Single Sign On

    SSO – Single Sign On

    Secure authentication across multiple applications, Sign in once to your network and have your account linked to Inventory Pro ( ex. Active Directory, Smart Cards ).

  • Inventory Pro Storage Fee Report

    Storage Fees

    Track time on the floor for inventory, and expense accordingly.

  • Inventory Pro Warehouse Mapping

    Warehouse Maps / Zones

    Create a virtual map of your warehouse floor for use in picking, packing, and putaway operations.

  • Inventory Pro Work Order Lines

    Work Orders / Manufacturing

    Detailed work orders for creation of kits, assemblies, or assets