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Inventory Pro Lite

Inventory Pro Lite is our newest product, A simplified desktop application for small businesses. Focusing on the core inventory operations.

Inventory Pro Overview / Dashboard

Inventory Simplified

Inventory Pro Lite was released in 2021, It is a simplified version of our core product. It was designed as a response to our smaller clients that just manage a single location or small business and just need the basics.

The focus of this application is the core functionality of inbound and outbound products, sorting, basic assembling, and barcoding. We also offer a number of more advanced modules from our core application as add ons.


Inventory Pro

From $99/month

For 3 Users

Cloud Hosting by CISS via Azure. Includes Backups and Support

  • Basic Inventory System for Small Business
  • Hosting fee includes updates, backups and technical support
  • Core Inventory and Ordering Modules

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Scalable Cloud Computing

Inventory Pro Lite is a cloud-only product, our focus for it is a simplified core inventory solution that clients can use to grow. As clients expand they can easily add more users or upgrade to Inventory Pro Standard if more features or self hosting is desired.

We utilize Microsoft Azure for hosting environment and their various tools for security and auditing. Each client receives their own instance of Inventory Pro which helps limit attack vectors and vulnerability. We also take regular backups to ensure that in the event of a fault or problem service can be restored in quick fashion.

Lite Features

Inventory Pro Lite is a number of core modules for basic inventory management, such as purchasing, shipping, and sorting. This product is intended as a basic solution with limited customization to provide clients with a consistent experience that receives regular updates. That said it is compatible with most of our standard integrations and add ons allowing room to expand.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Inventory Pro allows for customized alerts and notifications that can be set up throughout the system. More

  • Barcoding

    We support both 1D and 2D barcoding formats, as well as RFID systems on both our desktop and mobile solutions. More

  • Customer Access

    Allow your customers or vendors access to limited parts of the Inventory Pro system to review orders, history, and more. With fine-grain access controls. More

  • Detailed Reporting System

    A comprehensive set of reports allows you to query almost every aspect of the system. More

  • File Sharing / Attach Files

    We allow for multiple documents and images to be attached to almost any object in the system. More

  • Import & Export Framework

    Various Built-In systems for data manipulation via Excel, CSV and Flat Files. More

  • Inventory Control

    Receiving, Issuing, and Moving Stock. More

  • Kitting / BOM / Assemblies

    Design BOM’s for use in manufacturing and ordering. Support for Multi-Level BOM’s. More

  • Label Printing

    Both in-app and automatic, 25+ default designs, 1D and 2D barcode support. More

  • Purchasing, Processing, Shipping

    Covering all aspects of fulfillment, Whether for a 3PL processing ASN’s or Manufacturing for E-commerce. More

  • Real Time Inventory

    All stock levels in Inventory Pro are real-time by default, meaning you’re always up to date. More

  • Revisions, Logging, Statistics

    Out-of-the-box change tracking, transaction logging, rollback/roll-up reports, and an array of statistics. More

  • Security & Permissions

    Inventory Pro allows you to share information with customers, employees, and vendors while limiting access and protecting the integrity of the data. More

  • Work Orders / Manufacturing

    Detailed work orders for creation of kits, assemblies, or assets More

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