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Inventory Pro Mobile

Our Mobile Application allows for working with and managing your inventory on the warehouse floor or out at the job site. It is a web application, so there’s nothing to install, and it also offers various caching and offline capabilities.

Inventory Pro Scanners

With Inventory Pro Mobile we aim to offer a solution compatible with a wide array of hardware, Device agnostic we call it. This allows our clients to select hardware that fits their budget and size, be it consumer grade or industrial grade.

To the right, there is a full demo of Mobile. Feel free to play around and take it for a test drive.

Mobile supports both Batch and Real-Time operation, and it automatically switches modes if network connectivity is lost. The app also keeps a local cache of various system objects to allow for extended use offline.

Live Demo

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Barcoding on Mobile

Our products are compatible with industry-standard hardware and integrate with all aspects of managing your inventory and managing your warehouse. We support almost any industrial scanner running Android, We also have a number of clients using iPads, Phones, and other consumer grade equipment.

Inventory Pro Scanner

The KDC-450 sleds can be used with various smartphones and tablets.

Inventory Pro Scanner

Socket CHS 8Ci is a small, thin, and easy-to-use scanner optimized for smartphones.

Inventory Pro Scanners

Socket CHS 7C. This is a very accurate device on par with dedicated handheld scanners.

Mobile Features

Our platform is designed specifically for iOS and Android mobile devices. It excels at mobility and supports camera scanning, ideal for getting started or low volume operations. Mobile is also compatible with dedicated scanners, and a range of Bluetooth scanners. CISS can assist with hardware purchasing and help you decide on the devices that best fit your budget and needs.

  • Customization

    Inventory Pro is an instance-based solution allowing us great flexibility in customization for each client’s needs. More

  • Delivery / Mailroom System

    Package Tracking inside and outside of inventory, with support for signatures, images, internal routing/delivery and more. More

  • File Sharing / Attach Files

    We allow for multiple documents and images to be attached to almost any object in Inventory Pro. More

  • Inventory Barcoding

    We support both 1D and 2D barcoding formats, as well as RFID systems on both our desktop and mobile solutions. More

  • Inventory Cycle Counts

    Maintain accurate real-time inventory levels, with a variety of sampling methods. More

  • Inventory Storage Fees

    Track time on the floor for inventory, and manage expenses accordingly. More

  • Label & Barcode Printing

    Both in-app and automatic, 25+ default designs, 1D and 2D barcode support. More

  • Multiple Order Processing

    Pick, Pack, or Putaway multiple orders at once to boost productivity of your operators. More

  • Order Picking and Packing

    Guided processing of orders based on FEFO and FIFO, support for pathing. Just scan the next item and go! More

  • Production Forecasting

    Forecasting based on current inventory, upcoming orders, and more. Review shortfalls, lead times, and capability. Then carry that data through to restocking and calculating appropriate min/max levels. More

  • Purchasing, Processing, Shipping

    Covering all aspects of fulfillment, Ranging from common B2C or B2B to a 3PL processing ASN’s, even Manufacturing for E-commerce. More

  • Putaway / Stow List

    Guided processing of inbound stock based on current inventory locations and defaults. More

  • Quick Order

    Quick order for quick processing. More

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Support

    RFID allow for automation in inventory data collection, Useful for tracking goods, reusable containers, high value items, and more. More

  • Security & Permissions

    Inventory Pro allows you to share information with customers, employees, and vendors while limiting access and protecting the integrity of the data. More

  • Signature Capture & Tracking

    Our mobile app offers signature capture for transactions (single and batch). Both in Online and Offline mode. Essential for use in delivery, transfer of goods, shipment receipt, and more. More

  • SSO – Single Sign On

    Secure authentication across multiple applications, Sign in once to your network and have your account linked to Inventory Pro ( ex. Active Directory, Smart Cards ). More

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