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Inventory Pro Standard

Inventory Pro Standard is our core product, A desktop application focused on WMS operations. Our system is modular covering Inventory, Assets, Purchasing, Shipping, and much more.

Inventory Pro Inventory Dashboard

An all-around Inventory Solution

Inventory Pro Standard has been our key web-based product since 2002, Going through many iterations over the years. Our current version 5 has been refined for years to optimize various workflows and allow clients to work quickly and effectively.

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We offer a variety of workflows out of the box, Generic warehouse management, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Third Party Logistics, Cold Storage, Services ( Truck / Van ), and Data Warehousing. We also allow clients to mix and match operations between various warehouses.


Inventory Pro

From $240/month

For 3 Users

Cloud Hosting by CISS via Azure. Includes Backups and Support

  • Scalable Inventory System for Medium to Enterprise
  • Hosting fee includes updates, backups, technical support
  • Multi Warehouse, Fully Featured Solution


Inventory Pro

From $3000

For 3 Users

Plus annual Support and Maintenance Fee.

  • Unlimited Inventory Solution for Corporate Networks
  • Designed for Windows Server Architecture
  • Perpetually Licensed, Fully Featured Solution

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In the Cloud or On Site

Inventory Pro can be deployed in a number of ways, We understand especially in recent years that keeping data in-house is much preferred with the constant threat of data breaches. As such you can either use a Software as a Service (SaaS) model or purchase a perpetual license.

That said we utilize Microsoft Azure for our Cloud hosting environment and their various tools for security and auditing. Each client receives their own instance of Inventory Pro which helps limit attack vectors and vulnerability. We also take regular backups to ensure that in the event of a fault or problem service can be restored in quick fashion.

Standard Features

Inventory Pro Standard includes all features of Inventory Pro Lite and much more. It is a collection of modules covering all aspects of warehouse management and logistics. For those with unique workflows or requirements, we also offer customization and other services to optimize your inventory. Whether that’s through integration, custom forms, custom modules, or data imports our goal is to make your job easier.

  • Alerts, Notifications, Automated Reports

    Inventory Pro allows for a variety of alerts, notifications, and automated reports that can be utilized throughout our system. More

  • Asset Management

    Tracking of Assets, both tangible and intangible, depreciation, asset linking, customizable attributes, inspections, and more More

  • Cost Plus Pricing

    We offer support for cost-plus pricing, with up to 6 levels per item. More

  • Customer Access

    Allow your vendors access or customer access to limited parts of the Inventory Pro system to review orders, history, inventory levels, and more. With fine-grain access controls. More

  • Customization

    Inventory Pro is an instance-based solution allowing us great flexibility in customization for each client’s needs. More

  • Dashboards

    Charts, graphs, lists, and various data points from around the system at your fingertips for Inventory and Orders. More

  • Delivery / Mailroom System

    Mailroom System for package tracking inside and outside of inventory. Support for signatures, images, internal routing/delivery, and more. More

  • Detailed Reporting System

    A comprehensive set of reports allows you to query almost every aspect of the system. More

  • File Sharing

    We allow for file sharing of multiple documents and images on almost any object in Inventory Pro. More

  • Import & Export Framework

    Various Built-In systems for data manipulation via Excel, CSV and Flat Files. More

  • Inventory Barcoding

    We support both 1D and 2D barcoding formats, as well as RFID systems on both our desktop and mobile solutions. More

  • Inventory Control

    Receiving, Issuing, and Moving Stock. More

  • Inventory Cycle Counts

    Maintain accurate real-time inventory levels, with a variety of sampling methods. More

  • Inventory Storage Fees

    Track time on the floor for inventory, and manage expenses accordingly. More

  • Jobs System

    Group Orders, Inventory, and various transactions to track Jobs, Jobsites and more. More

  • Kitting / BOM / Assemblies

    Design BOM for use in manufacturing and ordering processes. Support for Multi-Level BOM. More

  • Label & Barcode Printing

    Both in-app and automatic, 25+ default designs, 1D and 2D barcode support. More

  • Landed Costs

    Review the landed cost of processing, shipping, storing, and handling your inventory. More

  • Multiple Locations, Warehouses

    Hierarchical System of Warehouses and Locations within them. More

  • Multiple Order Processing

    Pick, Pack, or Putaway multiple orders at once to boost the productivity of your operators. More

  • Order Picking and Packing

    Guided processing of orders based on FEFO and FIFO, support for pathing. Just scan the next item and go! More

  • Production Forecasting

    Forecasting based on current inventory, upcoming orders, and more. Review shortfalls, lead times, and capability. Our Production Forecasting module can then carry that data through to restocking transits or purchase orders. The system can also assist in calculating appropriate min/max levels based on usage, lead time, and more. More

  • Purchasing, Processing, Shipping

    Covering all aspects of fulfillment, Ranging from common B2C or B2B to a 3PL processing ASN’s, even Manufacturing for E-commerce. More

  • Putaway / Stow List

    Guided processing of inbound stock based on current inventory locations and defaults. More

  • Quick Order

    Quick order for quick processing. More

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Support

    RFID allow for automation in inventory data collection, Useful for tracking goods, reusable containers, high value items, and more. More

  • Real Time Inventory

    All stock levels in Inventory Pro are real-time by default, meaning you’re always up to date. More

  • Restocking / Monthly Demand

    Tools to Track Min/Max, Lead Time, Demand, Generate Orders, and even Suggest Min/Max changes to keep inventory flowing and maintain service levels. More

  • Revisions, Logging, Statistics

    Out-of-the-box change tracking, transaction logging, rollback/roll-up reports, and an array of statistics. More

  • Security & Permissions

    Inventory Pro allows you to share information with customers, employees, and vendors while limiting access and protecting the integrity of the data. More

  • Signature Capture & Tracking

    Our mobile app offers signature capture for transactions (single and batch). Both in Online and Offline mode. Essential for use in delivery, transfer of goods, shipment receipt, and more. More

  • SSO – Single Sign On

    Secure authentication across multiple applications, Sign in once to your network and have your account linked to Inventory Pro ( ex. Active Directory, Smart Cards ). More

  • Warehouse Maps / Zones

    Create a virtual map of your warehouse floor for use in picking, packing, and putaway operations. More

  • Work Orders / Manufacturing

    Detailed work orders for creation of kits, assemblies, or assets More

  • Workflows / Approvals Module

    In business, we always like to enforce specific processes to avoid mistakes. Inventory pro allows for various workflows to be created to enforce process controls, track approval of orders, and send alerts. More

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