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System Architecture

Azure | .Net | SQL Server | IIS

Inventory Pro and most of our technologies operate on a .Net stack, which our cloud hosting is designed around. Inventory Pro can also leverage your existing cloud or server infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

We utilize Microsoft Azure for hosting our Inventory Pro solutions.

Inventory Pro is hosted in a virtualized environment where the load is split between application servers and database servers. Data is regularly transferred to our backup providers over a secure connection. Our backups are hosted off-platform and we also utilize cloud backup solutions to collate and archive your data, which we keep encrypted copies of for up to 12 months.

Each client instance of Inventory Pro is self-contained, this allows to keep a clear separation of client data. This also improves security and allows for easier recovery and restoration of services in an outage or other emergency scenario

Inventory Pro does utilise licensed components from 3rd party’s, Please review the License file in your version for more information.

Application Hosting

Application servers are what your computer talks to and where your uploaded files are stored. Your data on these servers are backed up regularly to our office and replicated across multiple backup providers. At any point in time, there are at least 3 recent copies of this data and additional archived copies.

Database Hosting

Database servers are where the majority of your information is stored. These servers cannot be connected to from outside our network*. Databases are backed up hourly (we use a 24 hour full, 4 to 6 hour diff, 1 hour log pattern), such that if needed we can restore to a particular date/time in the event of a problem. We utilize this occasionally for clients if a bad bulk import is run or a user clicks ‘select all’ somewhere by mistake. At any point in time, there are at least 4 recent copies of your database and many additional archived copies.

* – Unless required by a legacy external integration or similar connection. In this event, we will segment the given client’s instance onto its own server and follow best practices to lock down the endpoint as much as possible. We also advise clients of the inherent risks of such configurations.

Requirements & Installation –

Please review our documentation for more information on our hosting, requirements, and installation of the application.

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