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Transportation Management System

Rater is a WWW based TMS and Freight Rate Database Management center with an array of features.

Presales Support

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Email – ipsales@cissltd.com

Support for Clients and Registered Users:

Email – support@cissltd.com

Rater is fully integrated with our Inventory Pro Online system for a complete TMS & WMS Solution

Rater Functions and Features

Shipping Cost Calculator
  • Multiple Origin Points (Warehouses, Distribution Centers)
  • Multiple Modes (Truck, LTL, Boxcar, Intermodal, Export Containers)
  • Multi-stop, weight per stop
  • Mapquest Directions
  • Simple Route Map
  • SMC*3 Czar Lite LTL Rateware Interface
  • Mileages based on PC*Miler or Rand McNally Milemaker
  • EDI 204 email tenders, 214 Load Status and 856 Bill of Lading
  • Fuel Surcharge Adjustments: By Lane, SCAC, POD, and National Average
  • Easily user managed Rate tables (upload and download through Excel spreadsheets)
  • Integrated with the Yard System – so Planned Loads match available equipment
  • Compares Buy and Sell Rates so you can see the profitability of loads
  • Continuous summary of loads planned by facility, mode and number of vehicles
  • Electronic Spot Quotes with carrier approvals (no more faxing)
  • Capture Reason Codes for not using Least Cost Mode or Least Cost Carrier
Yard Management System
  • Multiple Yards
  • Integrated with the Calculator for real time vehicle availability
  • Wireless Handheld interface (HP/Compaq Ipaq, Symbol), Cellular Pocket PC
  • Tracks by vehicle:
    • Size
    • Type
    • Mode
    • Vehicle Number
    • Free Time Remaining, Demurrage Charge
  • Tracks all status:
    • Available
    • Loading (only one vehicle at a door at a time!)
    • Loaded/Yarded
    • Shipped
    • Hold (bad ordered)
  • Keeps track of “Cleaning Sweeps”, “Tandem Moves”, Reefer, Export
  • See history of vehicles by SCAC (how often you use the same vehicle)
  • Automatic email notification to carrier when a vehicle is “bad ordered” with associated notes
Track and Trace
  • Each vehicle tracked from Planning through customer delivery
  • Automatic email notifications for trouble loads
  • Capture daily update notes
  • Color coded daily activity
    • Red = Trouble
    • Yellow = pending trouble
    • Green = Good Status
  • Track Many attributes of shipments / EDI 214
    • Requested Delivery Date
    • Appointments
    • Actual Delivery Date
    • Multi-Stop, Multi-Pickup loads
    • Customer Pick-Ups
    • Hot Loads
    • Pro Number
    • Bill of Lading Number
    • Weight
  • Intermediate Consignees
  • Tracking numbers
  • Carrier Interface (Accept/Reject Loads)
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Contact Names
Carrier Database
  • Contact Information
  • Physical Address
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Telephone
  • Weight per mode
  • Available Trailer Lengths
  • Free Yard Time and Yard Charges
  • Fuel Surcharge by carrier and lane
  • Contract and Insurance Tracking
  • Power Ratings by facility
  • Discounts
Frieght Exception, Claims, & Returns Tracking
Frieght Exception
  • Responsible Group
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Reasons
  • Costs
  • Approvals
Claims Tracking
  • Digital Image Upload (photos)
  • Where on the vehicle did the damage occur
  • Attributes: Dunnage, banding, strapping, shifts, etc
  • Disposition
  • Status
Returns Tracking
  • Order numbers
  • Units
  • Stock Codes (UPC/K-code)
  • Pick Up Location
  • Return Location
Load Tenders ( EDI 204 )
  • Carrier Interface
  • Email Notification
  • XML-EDI Interfaces
  • Rejected Loads generate immediate notification through distribution lists
Delivery Metrics
  • Captured in Real Time
  • Overall summaries by facility and mode
  • Daily metrics
  • Carrier metrics
  • Classified (Carrier, Customer, Vendor, 3PL)
  • Export to Excel
Reconsignment Tracking
  • Redirect shipments to another location with ease
  • Keep track of previous location, cost differences, and authorization
  • Each reconsignment has its own unique number for billing references.
  • Tracks cost and responsible party
Customizable to Meet Your Needs
The RATER is based on Active Server PageT (ASP) technology. The data connectivity uses ODBC-compliant sources through Microsoft’s SQL ServerT. This makes the system easy to customize to your specific requirements. The source code is maintained by CISS and, if needed, is easily customized per your specifications.
No Headaches
Let CISS host your web-based RATER application. CISS can host a domain name for you (www.yourname.com) on our servers. The software and your business data reside on our secured server, which means you, your employees, your suppliers, and other business associates can access the system and information with a secured password, but you have none of the headaches of maintaining the server. All you need are PCs with access to the Internet and CISS does the rest. Benefits include:

  • Software updates: You always stay up to date with the software, as CISS does it for you.
  • Application (database) maintenance: Database optimization, normal ization, and compaction.
  • Server maintenance: Update/add/remove software and accounts.
  • Backups and 24 7 tech support.
  • E-mail, FTP services.
  • B2B secure data exchange interfaces.
  • CISS provides the fast Internet Connection (T1) with BGP circuit redundancy.

Please contact CISS directly for application hosting prices. Pricing depends upon several factors, such as:

  • Number of transactions per day.
  • Number of inventory items managed.
  • Number of concurrent users.
  • B2B interface requirements (including Cybercash).
  • System may also be purchased and hosted on your own servers