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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Support


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Support

RFID is one of the newest technologies in the warehouse.
Systems implementing RFID allow for automation in inventory data collection, Useful for tracking goods, reusable containers, high-value items, and more.

CISS’s suite of products and services supports the latest in technologies including RFID. RFID is becoming an integral part of supply chain management and CISS is prepared to support and make recommendations on how to integrate RFID into your inventory management processes.

RFID is designed to automate the process of collecting inventory data in order to track goods in the supply chain (typically a serial number) through radio frequencies (RF). Electronic tags or RFID tags (passive or active) located on the items transmit the stored information to receivers (readers) that typically send this digital information to your database. The most common applications for RFID are tracking goods, reusable containers, high-value tools and other assets, and parts moving through a manufacturing production line.