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Inventory Pro Self-Hosted Support Plans

Included with the purchase of the initial license:

  • 30 days of telephone and email support from the purchase date. All support emails should be sent to
  • The manual for Inventory Pro is available through the website as well at

Purchased Support:

  • Access to all upgrades and releases for the edition of the software that was originally purchased.
  • 1 year of telephone and email support from 30 days after the original purchase date is renewable annually. All support emails should be sent to
  • Remote Desktop Support Services using Remote Access Tools such as GoToMeeting (or another mutually agreed upon product). The client would be responsible for providing their own Internet connection.
  • The cost for the annual maintenance plan is $1,250.00 annually or 15% of the total software license fee and customization, whichever is greater* (pricing can vary based on customization; see terms and conditions for more information).


  1. When you buy a support package it means if you have any difficulty using Inventory Pro our technicians will do their best to try to help you resolve the problem.
  2. This does not mean the technician will set up your computer or Inventory Pro for you. It means only that they will help when problems arise specific to Inventory Pro.
  3. Our technicians will only address support questions that directly relate to the current version of Inventory Pro. It is not a general consulting service covering general matters relating to your computer or other products.
  4. Our support packages are not unlimited. Support packages are intended to reflect normal reasonable requirements. Anything beyond will be charged at our standard rate for technicians.

Terms and Conditions

Backups: The client is responsible for database and general system backups. Backups should be performed daily and before any system maintenance.

Maintenance and support fees: A need for on-demand support (additions to the system, hardware support, consultations, and needs outside of normal support parameters) can affect this fee. Any additional work/support charges require Client pre-approval. Customizations made after the original invoice will be incorporated in the following year’s maintenance invoice.

Normal Support: will be done during regular office hours and maintenance consists of the following:

  • Upgrades (downloadable from the Internet)
  • User support (questions about the system’s functionality)
  • Technical support (correcting any issues with the standard system or custom work)

Support hours & methods: CISS’s regular office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST excluding national holidays. Normal support and maintenance is conducted during these hours. Telephone and Internet support are available for system failures that require CISS’s immediate attention after hours and on weekends.

Billable Support: $155/hour For emergency work, that is Client approved. The fee for travel time (if required) is variable based on distance and expenses (car, hotel, airfare, and meals). Emergency work is defined as:

  • System failures as a direct result of user error.
  • Hardware failure that impacts the Inventory Pro application or database.
  • Inventory Pro customization requested in an expeditious time frame, or general database maintenance and archiving of data
  • Requests that are outside the normal support parameters.
  • Any requested onsite support. Inventory Pro support can usually be handled remotely.